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Lords Mobile is set in an open world full of lords driven by greed after the death of their First Emperor. Wreaking havoc among hundreds of Kingdoms, these Lords are vying to become the next emperor. With the dark times upon us, monsters have risen from the depths to clash across the battle-scarred lands. These lands were once a peaceful place until powerful warlords created turmoil and chaos. Restore the balance of power and peace in this Strategy- RPG conquering game by building the greatest Castle Empire to defeat every evil that stands in your way.

Fight your way through many epic battles to become the greatest warlord in all the Land! In the beginning, you are introduced to a movie-like introduction of the game showing you how the endless wars had begun. All hell will break loose from then onward. Ultimately, you will find yourself immersed in the vast open-world populated by guilds and players. Can you brave this chaotic fantasy world with the help of mighty soldiers?

Read on to find out more! Lords Mobile features 45 characters known as heroes. Of course, heroes alone will not suffice in army-versus-army battles, so you better start building up your armies. Also, you can use your heroes in RPG-like hero battles.

In the beginning, you will use them to liberate parts of your castle as you go through the PVE content. Eventually, they can contend with heroes controlled by other players in PVP battles. Although players cannot alter the terrain, they can build structures that will last forever.

Well, at least until their foes decide to destroy these buildings. As you progress, research and development will take more time. This is where a guild will come in handy. Your guildies have the ability to give you a hand to boost the progress bar of your activities! Make sure that you will return the favor! If you are a part of a guild, you can help establish buildings in strategic locations to either defend or project your territory.

This gives yourself and your guild a safe place to prosper and gather resources! PVE contents will help you gather resources for crafting equipment. As you collect sets of gears, you can level-up your heroes and expand their skills. This will then allow you to dive in tougher areas. Of course, tougher areas means tougher gear, so the crafting system is basically your hero progression system. Lords Mobile posses the classic rock-paper-scissors approach to RTS. This means that there are units that counter each other.

This ultimately assures players that the game is balanced. This furthers the need for guildies who will help defend your castle just in case your enemies try to crush you with an army that counters the composition of your army! In a land where chaos has reigned, monsters from different regions are bound to arise from their slumber to break the confidence of the lords!

There will be monsters who are more powerful than you, so you better start training your heroes and watch them save the day!

Although you cannot build some of the monsters, damaging them can still net you rewards!Skirmish your enemies, train your heroes, pillage the villainous villages and visit the Treasure Trove. Lords Mobile finally comes to the PC! If you have played Clash of Clans and Clash Royale before, this is another unblocked games for school that you cannot miss!

Play Lords Mobile on PC! Expand your kingdom. Team up with friends. Destroy your enemies. Strengthen your heroes. Improve your economy.

lords mobile free

Become the mightiest ruler of the realm. From gathering resources for a better economy, using tactics for better combat and putting your heroes on solo journeys, Lords Mobile does not shy away from becoming one of the most ambitious and commercially successful mobile games to date!

While it is your goal to save the world from the perils of evil, do not underestimate your opponents. All of them are ready to take on your troops and will stop at nothing from halting your expansion. With the aid of mighty heroes and strong military units, soon they will all be no match for you and might even join your cause!

Team up with countless players as you fight through all the darkness and despair! Join guilds, add new friends, and together, the forces of evil will never be able to best you! While total mayhem gameplay is involved in most times, you can assign your heroes out on quests to get them stronger while you acquire more resources for your kingdom. Customize their stats to improve their conditions on later battles in the game.

Only go for this once you have highly powerful heroes and very effective units. Rewards are also a lot better in both quality and quantity too. It unlocks after you finish Skirmish 8 Castle You can upgrade the Treasure Trove up to Level 9 but doing so will require a lot of resources in exchange for large crystal payouts.

You will need to finish up to Castle 25 in order to get it to the maximum level. If you need more details about leveling the Treasure Trove up, consider visiting the Lords Mobile wiki. Naturally, any player will want to focus on building their army into greater proportions. The biggest mistake for any newcomer in the game is they spend most of their time on building large numbers for their army without taking resources into consideration. Resources are very important to make your kingdom grow, especially in the early game.

Level up your resource buildings first such as the lumber mills and farms. A good economy will result in a great military. Do not ult on the grunts at the sides. Always focus on the most centered enemy, particularly the bosses. These include elemental enemies, tanks and ranged units.

Scouting will increase your chance of winning a battle. Not all battles are the same. Some may require you to bring more cavalry, others will require more infantry and less artillery. By knowing the recommended units, you can get to effectively save military resources and win battles in more effective and sufficient ways.

Sounds fun? Join in the fight for victory! Do you want to teach your children the basics of commerce?All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. Generate Gems following this steps: 1.

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Dispute resolution The formation, interpretation and performance of this Agreement and any disputes arising out of it shall be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of Bern, Switzerland without regard to its rules on conflicts or choice of law and, to the extent applicable, the laws of Switzerland.Collect Lords Mobile Promo Codes That you can redeem it easily.

Scroll down to get promo codes. Lords Mobile is a video game and it developed by IGG. This is a smartphone-based game. This game is free to play and offers in-app purchases. There a huge number of objects available for the player. Currently, it has the 4, user review on google play store.

You can install this game from the self OS app store and also from the third-party app store. But our recommendation uses the authority site for downloading it.

According to the official source, we got very interesting news. In this game multiple player modes. And a lot of opportunities available. Every player wants to play a game in a better way. And they need to upgrade their version. When a player wants to upgrade their version they need to purchase it.

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lords mobile free

Then share with us via comment. Your email address will not be published. Part of This Content. It's an online portal. Where provide valuable information.

And every day updating Helpful content. Explore the new world with iTech. Related Articles. February 18, March 17, June 3, Download and play this massively multiplayer online strategy game for free and discover a world that has been turned upside down by war and chaos. Where other strategy games have hard limits to the number of your army, the Lords Mobile download PC will take it to the extreme. That is because it has the ability to mobilize an army of thousands upon thousands.

Obviously, it will a take awhile for you to get to that point but in this game, you get to lead massive armies on a scale that you have never experienced in any other game. Even better, you get to recruit some of the greatest heroes and upgrade them into epic commanders for your grand army. With the right planning and strategy, your dreams of global domination will soon be realized.

As a massively multiplayer game with millions of players the world over, you get to decide how you will proceed. Take on other players by brute force or forge alliances and become an economic giant through trades and treasures. The choice is up to you how you want to establish your kingdom, and with so many features and modes that you can enjoy, there is no end to the fun in this massive free game. Moreover, The Lords Mobile hack download sets itself apart from all other strategy games by bringing you the biggest open-world you can ever imagine.

Plus, the method on how you conquer this fantastical new land is completely up to you. Whether you utilize the brute strength of your army, or use subtle tactics to dominate through economic means. The end goal is the same either way and that is to build the greatest empire the world over.

Whether you cast them as enemies or allies will ultimately alter your fate as well. Remember that there are enemies and rivals of all kinds out there and forming the right diplomatic strategy will also be invaluable in your road to glory.

Play Lords Mobile on PC & Mac FREE now!

Also, recruit some of the most legendary heroes from a wide selection that will fit any strategy you can think up. With the hero gameplay mechanics, it will allow you to grow and upgrade your heroes into mighty champions of your cause.

Then, take them into the arena and battle it out with other players from across the globe. See who has built up the greatest army of heroes. Plus, there are so many epic battles and experiences that await you in this exciting game that has millions of players hooked into its massive scale.

It will let you meet new challenges by instantly changing the server and establishing a new kingdom. Manage multiple kingdoms and aim to be the greatest empire in each server you are logged into. Every game is in real-time so you will not lose a single beat regardless of the switching back and forth. Like any other game worth mastering, there is a steep learning curve if you want to truly be the best. Luckily, this grand strategy game is very easy to get into, so you do not have to worry about getting overwhelmed in the beginning.

There is a massive community of players who have lots of tips and tricks that they can share to fledgling kingdoms.Rate this App. February 26th, was the fateful day when a mobile game was released that went on to become a smash hit in a relatively short period. It was of course Lords Mobilea multiplayer strategy game with more than 90 million players worldwide.

It's an incredible success story that's still going - the game continues to release updates with fresh content for current players and new players alike. Read more. Lords Mobile. Clash of Clans. Battle for the Galaxy. Mobile Legends. Clash Royale. Scary Teacher 3D. Plants vs. Zombies FREE. TFT: Teamfight Tactics. Android Games Strategy Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile 2. Latest version 2. Lords Mobile, one of the greatest success stories in mobile gaming history February 26th, was the fateful day when a mobile game was released that went on to become a smash hit in a relatively short period.

Requirements Android 2.

Opinions about Lords Mobile 4. Lords Mobile thanks.A free-to-play game with in-app purchases has now more than million players worldwide, as per according to official description on Google Play-Store. Players get to explore the magical lands of Lords Mobile that are in chaos as they are under the attack of different monsters and wily enemies.

The game has remarkable graphics and distinct features. The game features over 45 characters known as Heroes and have their own skills, attributes and backgrounds.

They are divided into several types depending on their characteristics like Intelligent, Strong and Agile. Players need to improve these characters according to the strategy of the game. These heroes are available by completing Hero Stages and available through in-game purchase bundles.

Being one of the top strategic games till date, the attacks and defenses requires some strategic-thinking and planning. The players should have knowledge about the heroes and when to take them in battle, what equipment should the hero wear. Also the players should be able to make quick decisions. This game is a lot of fun and a thrill for the players who enjoy the action games.

Lords Mobile is available to install on PC and Mac. You can use different emulator software to install the game.

lords mobile free

It is the safest alternate if you want to run android operations on Windows or Mac. To download a game you should always rely on some trustworthy emulator and MEMU is one of them. This game can be installed using other emulator software such as MEMU. Following are the steps you will have to follow if you want to download your game using MEMU:. Yes, the game has been available for Android for quite much time and has become one of the top grossing apps on Google Play.

Many in-app purchases are available in this game. These are there so that you can avail the premium features of the game. Some special items are available to the people who pay real time money.

You can buy paid heroes and equipment which helps you during the battle. This game is free of cost as you can install it in your systems without paying anything. You can join millions of other players and enjoy the game without paying anything. This is a multiplayer game which connects different people across the globe, makes armies and organizes them in a match.

The game allows you to experience amazing 3D graphics and a new and attractive design while playing a strategic game. The backgrounds are amazingly designed and super attractive also the first impression of the game is really nice. The video game offers you with amazing sound effects. The user experiences a thrill and enjoys these tracks. These audio sounds are somehow related to the real world so that the player experiences real world effects.

This game allows you to communicate in between the game and plan strategies with your team mates against your enemies. The game runs smoothly on your mobiles as it is small in size. It does not heats your device and is rated 4. Lords Mobile offers you a very friendly and easy to use interface. It uses easy controllers which allows the user to play the game with ease. Giant monsters and other world bosses are introduced in the game which makes it more thrilling and the players enjoy the game even more.

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